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Most businesses don’t have the in-house resources or expertise to configure and manage their security incident and event management (SIEM) systems effectively, create meaningful alarms or consistently monitor and respond to suspicious events, this is where SBL SECURE: SIEM can help. SBL combines market-leading technology, managed by our in-house, expertly skilled cyber security professionals to provide you with ongoing monitoring, tuning and early detection of threats with effective and actionable remediation advice.

What is SIEM?

SBL SECURE: SIEM is a Security Incident and Event Management tool protects against threats, detects unwanted action and responds to live incidents. SBL SECURE: SIEM is a proactive security service from SBL that encompasses threat monitoring, security offence management and reporting.

SIEM provides real-time alerts and reports from across your estate to protect your organisation from cyber-attacks and insider threats while also addressing internal and regulatory compliance requirements. SIEM systems are central to any cohesive security strategy, providing critical insights into all areas of your IT infrastructure. When effectively configured and managed, SBL SECURE: SIEM can provide the essential visibility required for a proactive response to an emerging attack.

When do you need SIEM?

As your organisation expands its IT infrastructure, network traffic and data capacity, the risks to your information security increase.

Changes to the way businesses use IT, including increased mobile and cloud-based activities, along with ever-evolving cyber threats, such as file-less malware through PowerShell and DNS Tunnelling mean it is more challenging than ever to detect legitimate threats among the thousands of events generated across your IT infrastructure every second. SBL Secure: SIEM provides real-time alerts and reports from across your estate to protect your organisation from cyber-attacks and insider threats while also addressing internal and regulatory compliance requirements, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS and GDPR.

In addition to system log collection, a SBL SECURE: SIEM looks at network flows, endpoint data, cloud usage and user behaviour. By combining these various aspects of activity, you can get a complete picture of what’s happening within your environment.

IT growth causing greater risk of data threats

Improve your security posture and response

SBL will work alongside your organisation to tailor the SIEM tool to your needs. Our SC-Cleared Security Professionals act as an extension of your in-house IT team. The service uses best of breed SIEM technology – IBM QRadar to deliver a comprehensive security solution that is tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our team of certified Security Analysts will work with you to understand your business priorities, operations and IT infrastructure, so that we can configure SBL SECURE: SIEM technology in a way that works for your business – providing alerts, insights and reports on what matters most to you.

We will ensure your SIEM system fulfils all of your regulatory compliance obligations, while maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your essential online systems and data. SBL aim to strengthen your security posture against cyber-attack, provide early detection of a breach and minimise the impact through rapid response and remediation

SBL’s SIEM Offerings

SBL provides dedicated Security Analysts to monitor your environment. Our fully managed IT services free up your in-house resources and provide quality-assured, cost-effective support. SBL have a 30-year track record of delivering managed IT services with a ‘security-first’ approach. We are a trusted IT support provider to the MoD, central government and public-sector organisations, with many customers from these sectors using SBL SIEM Services.






Prevent Threat Intelligence Threat intelligence feeds

Threat detection

Advanced threat detection

Threat Hunting

Vulnerability Management Vulnerability Scans

Detect Security Monitoring Continuous security monitoring

Logs analysis & correlation

Network Flow Data Analysis & Correlation

Real-time Network Traffic Analysis

File Integrity Monitoring

Standard Security Use Cases

Custom Security Use cases

Security Analytics Malware analysis – sand-boxing

User Behaviour Analytics

DNS Analytics

Compliance & Risk Asset inventory

Risk Management

Compliance Rule-sets – ISO27001, PCI etc.

Respond Security Response Security Incident Management

Root Cause Analysis

Reports and Dashboards

Event per second (EPS)

Limited to 500 EPS






Monitor your most critical assets


Extend your support to monitor as much of your IT estate as you need


An increased visibility. Pro-actively searches for potential threats and addresses insider threats.


A comprehensive security monitoring service for when security is top of your agenda

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