Secure Patch Management Solutions

Keeping you connected with our MoD-Accredited DOBUS patch management system

Introducing DOBUS™. The Secure Patch Management as a Service Platform

Sourcing security patches and software updates from the internet can expose your organisation to malicious attacks, website spoofing and corrupt files. Yet it’s essential that you access the latest patches, fixes and updates to protect and optimise your software, systems and applications.

The DOBUS™ patch management platform gives you highly-secure access to updates, patches and bug fixes for anti-malware products, operating systems, applications and firmware. Initially designed for the MoD, it provides you with clean, uncontaminated, verified patches and updates sourced direct from the publishers and manufacturers. All updates and patches are fully vetted and cleansed before being distributed to you. This protects you from malware, spoofing and other threats. Crucially, DOBUS™ enables you to access all updates and patches for all systems from a single, trusted source – saving you considerable time and resources.

DOBUS™ is always accessible, even without internet access or during a cyber attack.


MoD-Accredited Security Standards

SBL has developed a highly secure infrastructure for the  DOBUS™ patch management platform. It provides a one-way delivery system for accredited and verified security patches and updates. The system is housed in a secure vault, subject to the highest levels of MoD-accredited protection.

Fast, Resilient, Reliable Patch Delivery

DOBUS™ is a high-availability, trusted patch-delivery system that can be delivered to you via several routes. We are always working to enhance and expand the product. New versions are released annually to ensure that speed, functionality and resilience are continuously optimised. DOBUS™ consistently achieves 99.999% availability. It’s a vital service that gives your users direct access to the latest, most secure software, platforms and applications – no matter where they are located.

Customise to Your Requirements

DOBUS™ can be customised for your organisation, according to the number of users and the scope and complexity of the patches and updates you require. You get safe, reliable access to all updates and patches direct from multiple publishers and manufacturers. All delivered from a single, trusted source. We will use your white list of approved applications and software to create a secure patching and updating service that meets your needs.

Routes to DOBUS™

DOBUS™ gathers patches, updates and bug fixes direct from publishers and manufacturers via secure links. We carry out thorough checks to ensure patches and updates are clean and authentic, before they are transferred via a one-way diode into a high-security area. From here, they are dispatched direct to you via one of three routes.


An extension of your own network, providing a secure repository of verified patches and updates, which you can access via site-to-site VPN encrypted connection. Giving you a flexible and cost-efficient way to keep your IT environment safe and fully updated.


A non-internet reliant, high availability, trusted patch-delivery system. It dispatches direct to clients, or their appointed patch management contractors, for distribution to relevant parts of the organisation.


A patch delivery service, for systems located in areas with poor or no internet connection – such as on board ships, in remote areas or within high-security government or military installations. DOBUS™ Remote provides the same functionality as DOBUS™, but involves the physical delivery of fully updated and patched laptops, hard drives or other devices direct to the user.

Always Available

DOBUS™ is always available, making it an integral part of your security playbook. It works without an internet connection or even when you’re under attack. This enables you to protect and rebuild your system if compromised.

Make DOBUS™ part of your security playbook today