Digital: Workshop

Optimise your digital transformation strategy

  • 2-3 hour workshop
  • Optimise your digital transformation strategy
  • Learn about improvements technology can bring
  • Align transformation with business goals
  • Cost: free

Our free digital transformation workshop will map out the goals, success criteria and challenges your organisation faces before introducing the realistic improvements technology can bring. The workshop’s outcome is a technology roadmap that optimises and guides the next 1-3 years of your digital strategy.

Discover how digital technology can align with your business goals

and accelerate your digital transformation

There are infinite possible technology solutions out there that can help your business succeed in its aims, but it can be a minefield trying to pick the right ones or knowing where to start. That’s where our Digital: Workshop can help.

The Digital: Workshop is an open-minded discussion between you and our Technical Architects. Any challenge or possibility can be explored. We’ll map out the existing goals, success criteria and challenges that your business has alongside realistic improvements that technology can bring.

SBL’s team will suggest possible innovations that can enhance your business’s practices to meet your aims. They’ll also give examples of what they have seen work for other businesses in the past, as well as look at possible technologies that could give your business the advantage to thrive in the marketplace.

How our Digital: Workshop can help your organisation with it’s digital transformation strategy


Drive forward success with a digital plan that is right for your business goals and challenges.


Our architects will design possibilities, improvements and innovations tailored to you.


Our specialists will help map out the next 1-3 years of your digital transformation journey.


Cloud isn’t the solution to every problem. We can also discuss the benefits of hybrid set-ups.

Turn digital strategies into real business success

In our 2-3 hour digital transformation workshop, SBL can help you deliver success by turning your digital strategy into real business change. Using real world examples of technological innovation and success, we will focus on the immediate challenges in your market, as well as bringing a 100-foot view of your organisation from an alternate perspective.

We will discuss the potential benefits cloud and hybrid transformations could bring to your business, and in addition to coming up with suggestions, the most important thing we do during the whole process is listen to your team. After all, who knows your business better?

Transforming your business with innovative digital technologies

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Get in touch with our Digital team here. We’ll be in touch soon to arrange your Digital: Workshop and start optimising your digital transformation strategy.