The Sprint with Razor

Using cutting-edge technology to enhance your business


What could be improved in your business to keep you a step ahead of the competition?

Perhaps you don’t know… but you think your competitors might.


Sprint with Razor

The Sprint is designed for people who believe that technology can enhance their business. If you want to make a change, if you want to take action, if you want to engage with people who “get” cutting-edge technology and can apply it to address your business challenges, you want this service!

First, we gather and understand a range of problems and challenges, we then explore the possibilities, refine, and select the best opportunity. Then we build something and test it in the field, so at the end of the sprint there is something that you can see working. The process provides clarity on the possible, the return on investment, and, ultimately, provides organisations with the confidence to take a leap with technology.

Simple process, exhilarating experience, tangible results.

The Four Phases

  • Phase 1 - ″We′ve always done it that way″ won′t cut it!

    We go back to basics and ask the important questions – where, who, what, why… and why not?

    We create a safe space for innovation in which we challenge people to speak freely and think differently. In this space, organisations will identify all the problems that need to be solved, regardless of size or (potential) complexity.

    Together we identify problems to explore and agree what success looks like.

  • Phase 2 - Identify the challenge

    In phase 2 we examine the problems and explore the solutions; we figure out which problems present the greatest opportunity if resolved, and how much effort each would take.

    We look at technology, old and new, and we look at who else faces this problem, what they’re doing to overcome it, and whether it’s working!

    Together we select a project to take to the next phase.

  • Phase 3 - Demonstrate the potential

    During this phase we focus on proving the concept.

    We do this by creating something tangible that delivers the solution identified in the preceding phases.

    This phase demonstrates the potential of what ‘it’ can do and what ‘it’ can become.

    As the output emerges, we stay open to new ideas that develop; what else could be improved? How else can we gain an advantage?

  • Phase 4 - Testing with target users and technology

    We test the prototype with target users – demonstrating it in a controlled environment, allowing people to get hands on and experience it. As well as testing it with people, we can run it alongside existing systems to prove the prototype synergises with other key technologies.

    We will validate the success of these tests against the pre-agreed criteria and understand the extent to which the prototype solves the problem.

    The final part of the sprint is to think about the future and define clear next steps. We have highlighted the potential outputs and inspired innovative thinking in the team. What next? Is the solution scalable? What did we learn along the way? How could the quality be enhanced? What would we change? What’s the business case, what are the security considerations? We know how to maintain the momentum created on the project and have experience transferring this into positive action across multiple stakeholder groups.

Select your Sprint

Each Sprint is quick, and has a clear and singular focus. A proof of concept, developed in isolation, where you can remove the shackles and take risks.

We are able to offer this service in weeks, not months, firstly because Razor invests heavily in R&D. The team are always on the cutting-edge of technology and we accelerate delivery by bringing knowledge from the whole team to each Razor Sprint. Secondly because we use commoditised cloud technologies. There is no reason to build everything from scratch when you can leverage existing platforms and technology. The magic happens when you know how to combine them.

There are three options for the Sprint with Razor; basic, essential and premium.

The ‘basic’ service provides you with what you need to explore and prove a concept. ‘Essential’ advances the process and provides you with documented output and a clear understanding of the investment required to realise the innovation. The ‘premium’ option takes the validation stage further by integrating the prototype into the existing processes to show its transformational potential in action.

Engagement time frame4 – 6 weeks6 – 10 weeks10 – 12 weeks
Explorative workshops and planning< >< >< >
Build a prototype< >< >< >
Security & data review< >< >
Prototype integration< >
Documented report< >< >
Solution investment option< >< >
Concept design< >
Strategic roadmap development< >
Business case development< >

Razor and SBL

We know our customers. We make it our business to understand your pain points and to offer solutions to address your challenges and help you meet your business objectives. And we aim to keep you informed about technologies that can protect or advance your business.

Razor knows cutting-edge technology. Through our partnership with Razor, we have access to Microsoft-focused software engineers and usability experts, whose job it is to keep pace with continuously changing technologies, adopting and adapting new tools and techniques.

Find out more about Razor here.

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“Today’s digital economy is all about speed. Moving forward with technology has its risks – risks to security, risks of compatibility, risks of making the wrong choice. But sitting still is the greatest risk of all.”

– Razor


The Digital Sprint with Razor will get your organisation up and moving forward.