Data Hub

Gain actionable insights from your data

Organisations collect vast amounts of valuable data but the challenge is turning all of that information into data-driven insights that drive innovation, business outcomes and customer satisfaction. The Data Hub will make sense of your data and drive meaningful actions.

Unlocking the Power of Data

for UK Public and Private Sector Organisations

How is your organisation performing? It’s a simple question but finding the answer is often challenging. Multiple systems and applications means data sources across different locations. This makes it difficult to get a sense of what is actually happening and how you’re delivering for your customers.

The Data Hub gives you clarity with a powerful business intelligence platform. Our services can seamlessly extract your data from various sources, join it together and visualise what’s happening, giving you actionable insights to improve your organisation’s performance.

Our business intelligence and data analytics can be deployed throughout your organisation, from sales and marketing to finance, operations and beyond. Give your business leaders insightful data into how their teams are performing and you’ll unleash the ability to streamline operations, transform processes and gain the competitive edge.

Can’t get clear insights into your data? Our business intelligence data services will give you clarity


How do you make sense of you business data without the full picture? The Data Hub can help you connect the dots, gathering your valuable data in a single cloud-based environment and unlocking the power of data visualisation and analytics.


Once you’ve got all your data, how do you make sense it? The Data Hub’s data visualisation services can transform your complex data from multiple sources into simple, crisp visuals to show you how your organisation is performing and delivering for your customers.


What can you do with your visualised data? The Data Hub’s analytics management, data mining and business intelligence services enable confident decision-making that not only streamlines your organisation but also optimises the customer experience.

How we work together

Data analytics and visualisation to unlock data-driven decision making

The modern engagement doesn’t have a start and finish. The transformation that every organisation is undergoing requires a continuous conversation. That’s why we use a circular approach to guide you through visualising your data and applying business data analytics. When you’re ready to tackle the next area we’ll be ready to continue with you.


We work with you to understand your requirements


The key is the continual development/adoption and transformation of the products and services you buy from us

process wheel showing learn, deliver, support, develop


After we’ve understood where we can help and drive some change we use our professional services team to deliver


We’ll then support you through our managed services

How we develop our business data intelligence solutions


Utilising the latest digital technology available


Flexible payment methods to suit your organisation


Automating processes to deliver greater efficiency and quality


Access performance and effectiveness insights easily


Everything secure by design to keep you protected


Transform your organisation with less environmental impact


Get in touch with our Data team here. We’ll work together on distilling your data into actionable insights, leaving you to make confidence data-driven decisions and enabling your organisation thrive.