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SBL launches free digital transformation workshop. Turn your digital strategies into real business success.

Digital business transformation

What does it mean for you?

Digital transformation has become an industry buzzword. It means different things to different people. To us, it means utilising technology to unlock the potential of your organisation and deliver real value to your customers. Transforming the customer experience fuels your ability to grow. Whether it’s across your organisation or one specific part, this is the key to thriving.

Most UK organisations have already started with some form of digital transformation but there’s still a long way to go. SBL can help you on your journey to success with digital technology solutions and IT services. We’ll handle your digital overhaul, giving you the time and energy to focus on improving your organisation’s performance.

Introducing our Digital Technology Service Hubs

Powered to help you transform anywhere across your organisation

Technology should never restrict you; it should enable you to do more. Our digital technology solutions focus on driving change across key areas of your organisation. Do you need to optimise your cloud environment, increase productivity or enhance security? We have IT services to help you achieve these ambitions. If you’re looking to take your transformation even further, we can help you unlock the power of data and unleash a digital strategy across your organisation. Where to begin? That’s completely up to you.

Get start with our digital technology service hubs

Platform Services

Optimise your on premise and cloud environment

One of the first steps to modernising your organisation is optimising your core environment. Whether that’s through on-premise infrastructure, private cloud services or public cloud (like AWS or Microsoft Azure), our Platform Hub will help you accelerate your performance.

Workplace Services

Drive productivity from your end users

Your people want the ability to work seamlessly from anywhere. They need devices to help them communicate, collaborate and deliver value to your customers. That responsibility falls on the IT team to deliver but our Workplace Hub will make it happen quickly, easily and securely.

Security Services

Secure your hybrid environment

Security is the keystone of our services as it’s been our pedigree for more than 30 years. Organisations today embrace security not only to protect their business assets and sensitive data, but also their reputation. The Security Hub can feed all aspects of your digital and IT landscape to fully protect you.

Data Services

Gain actionable insights from your data

Organisations collect vast amounts of valuable data but the challenge is turning all of that information into data-driven insights that drive innovation, business outcomes and the customer satisfaction. The Data Hub will make sense of your data and drive meaningful actions.

Digital Services

Drive transformation throughout your organisation

All organisations need a digital strategy to thrive. This road map will accelerate your digital capabilities and deliver real business transformation. The Digital Hub is here to turbocharge your strategy, utilising the latest tech such as Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

How we work

Making digital business transformation easier for your organisation

The modern engagement doesn’t have a start and finish. The transformation that every organisation is undergoing requires a continuous conversation. That’s why we use a circular approach to guide you through our hubs as you change and transform. When you’re ready to tackle the next area we’ll be ready to continue with you.


We work with you to understand your requirements


The key is the continual development/adoption and transformation of the products and services you buy from us

process wheel showing learn, deliver, support, develop


After we’ve understood where we can help and drive some change we use our professional services team to deliver


We’ll then support you through our managed services

How we develop our technology services


Utilising the latest digital technology available


Flexible payment methods to suit your organisation


Automating processes to deliver greater efficiency and quality


Access performance and effectiveness insights easily


Everything secure by design to keep you protected


Transform your organisation with less environmental impact


We have the digital technology solutions to help your organisation thrive, so let’s make it happen