Razor and SBL


Using cutting-edge technology to enhance your business


Razor is a business whose entire purpose for being is to keep its clients, regardless of sector, informed and able to exploit the very latest in technology.

The business is comprised of Microsoft focused software engineers and usability experts, whose job it is to sit on the ‘cutting edge’ and to keep pace with continuously changing technologies, adopting and adapting new tools and techniques.


Sharp Minds

Razor’s team brings together some of the brightest minds in technology, including software developers and system architects, strategists, user experience and interaction designers, testers and project and account managers. They learn constantly; they read, they explore, they teach and they write.

The team thrives on developing the most appropriate solutions to complex technical challenges, and always put people at the centre of everything they do.

Using cutting-edge technology to enhance your business

Today’s digital economy is all about speed. Moving forward with technology has its risks – risks to security, risks of compatibility, risks of making the wrong choice. But sitting still is the greatest risk of all.

The Sprint with Razor

The Sprint with Razor is designed for people who believe that technology can enhance their business. If you want to make a change, if you want to take action, if you want to engage with people who “get” cutting-edge technology and can apply it to address your business challenges, you want this service!

First, we gather and understand a range of problems and challenges, then we explore the possibilities, refine, and select the best opportunity. Then we build something and test it in the field.

Simple process, exhilarating experience, tangible results.

Razor – The Technology Works

Razor makes technology work for you, your colleagues and your customers.

In addition to the Sprint service, Razor can help your business with:

  • User experience: research & design
  • Systems integration
  • Digital product development
  • Data analysis and insights
  • Azure hosting: application architecture & consultancy

Experts in delivering solutions using Microsoft technologies, Razor, an Azure Technology Specialist Consultancy, is a Silver Partner for Application Development and Gold for Cloud Platform.

Find out more at razor.co.uk