CyberTalk: A forum for debating tomorrow

Saying something different

CyberTalk Magazine exists as a vehicle for new, interesting and controversial ideas surrounding the impact of all things cyber upon us as individuals and society as a whole. It’s a forum for debating tomorrow.

CyberTalk features a wealth of opinion from some of the leading names in technology, psychology, philosophy and beyond.

It provides a unique, unparalleled and unrivalled forum for thought-leading debate on the issues of the Information Age. It marks a first, practical, step towards an expression of the growing realisation that we must move beyond our suspicion of the cyber domain and our fear of our dependence upon it, and offers a platform upon which a truly interdisciplinary approach to the safety and security of the human experience of the cyber domain can be developed.

Future Issues

It’s important to us that CyberTalk remains relevant and interesting to you. That’s why we want to hear from you. What’s keeping you awake at night? What developments are you most excited – or wary – about as we move in to the 2020s? Do you have new, challenging ideas regarding our place in the cyber world? We want to hear from you!

Have your Say

Write for CyberTalk or share your areas of interest and help to shape future CyberTalk topics for discussion. We’d love your thoughts. Whether you’re human or robot (you don’t even need to declare on this form!)

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