Why Insider Risk Management is Important

Why Insider Risk Management is Important

Insider Risk Management is now in General Availability and this will be a popular feature with those organisations who need to protect their environment from inside threats. Configuring Insider Risk Management policies will allow you to detect, investigate, and act on both malicious and inadvertent risk activities. Effectively protecting you against an employee intentionally or un-intentionally sending intellectual property outside the business.

Insider Risk Management reducing your organisations risks from: 

  • Leaks of sensitive data and data spillage 
  • Confidentiality violations 
  • Intellectual property (IP) theft 
  • Fraud 
  • Insider trading 
  • Regulatory compliance violations 

Insider Risk Management in practice

Imagine a business that works on manufacturing new products. Bob works as a member of its design team and is leaving the business for a competitor.  Bob decides he spent a lot of time working on the prototype design for product X and thinks it’s fine to forward it to his home address after all it’s his hard work. Configuring Insider Risk Management policies will prevent this from happening but can also send him a copy of the Data Security policy to remind him of how to treat sensitive company data. 

An Insider Risk Policy violation will trigger an alert which can be triaged, investigated and actions applied. You can chose to involve internal departments in the investigation and action phases such as HR or Legal teams. This is a powerful tool to allow you to strengthen your stance from risks from within.  

Insider Risk Management Workflow
Insider Risk Management Workflow

Need support with Insider Risk Management?

If you need assistance in setting up Insider Risk Management, Information Protection, Threat Management or improving your overall Data Security please get in touch with the SBL team.