SBL: Technology to Help Your Business Thrive

Technology is more than just a tool; it unchains your potential

True digital transformation can give you the power to accelerate your operations, to enhance your community and keep those that rely on you safe.

Understanding the latest technologies, keeping your organisation up-to-date and remaining competitive is a constant challenge. Spending time understanding the small differences in technologies, going through a rigorous selection process and ultimately choosing a provider sometimes results in the poor choices, or at worst no action at all.

Organisations today are only just scratching the surface of the transformation that modern technology can deliver.

But how?

That’s where we come in.

SBL, thriving for 30 years

For more than 30 years, we have supported over 2000+ customers providing tailored services to match their individual needs. We are on 21+ frameworks with 100% public sector coverage, and a large scope of IT solutions that can be provided by SBL’s framework portfolio. For decades we have helped thousands of organisations with hardware, software and services, including DOBUS, a patching service used by hundreds of thousands in the Ministry of Defence. Today, we are here to help customers operations thrive providing software, hardware and services personalised to their individual needs.

Beginning your digital transformation journey

Introducing our new Services Hubs. 5 Hubs designed for you, powered to thrive, accelerating your organisation with transformative technology.

Platform; optimise your environment


One of the first steps to modernising your organisation is optimising your core environment. Whether that’s through on-premise infrastructure, private cloud services or public cloud (like AWS or Microsoft Azure), our Platform Hub will help you accelerate your performance.

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Workplace; drive your productivity


Your people want the ability to work seamlessly from anywhere. They need devices to help them communicate, collaborate and deliver value to your customers. That responsibility falls on the IT team to deliver but our Workplace Hub will make it happen quickly, easily and securely.

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Security; secure your world


Security is the keystone of our services as it’s been our pedigree for more than 30 years. Organisations today embrace security not only to protect their business assets and sensitive data, but also their reputation. The Security Hub can feed all aspects of your digital and IT landscape to fully protect you.

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Data; Gain Actionable insights


Organisations collect vast amounts of valuable data but the challenge is turning all of that information into data-driven insights that drive innovation, business outcomes and the customer satisfaction. The Data Hub will make sense of your data and drive meaningful actions.

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Digital; Accelerate transformation


All organisations need a digital strategy to thrive. This road map will accelerate your digital capabilities and deliver real business transformation. The Digital Hub is here to turbocharge your strategy, utilising the latest tech such as Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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Together we’ll explore the digital horizon, finding the tech that’s going to unlock your transformation and deliver real value faster. Let’s become, and continue to be, successful, strong and healthy together.

SBL; thrive together

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