SBL Ranked #1 G-Cloud Provider in the Market

SBL Ranked #1 G-Cloud Provider in the Market

SBL’s Position

Within our market, and the VARs listed on CRN, SBL have achieved the accolade of highest revenue for G-Cloud 11. SBL generated over £6.7million revenue, including MoD, NHS, and Central Government requirements.

SBL are proud to have over 30 years heritage in delivering technology expertise to public sector organisations and have outstanding capability in driving transformative services into some of the largest government departments in the UK. Our approach, not just with G-Cloud but in general, is to always keep things as simple as possible.

How was this achieved?

When developing G-Cloud offerings, SBL engage in comprehensive market research. The Account Management teams are split into sector specific teams, where they each understand the unique complexities and requirements of their customer bases. This information is used in turn with the technical research of the Innovation Team. This Team continually researches the markets for trends and new technologies that will benefit our customers.

The result of this combination of knowledge ensures SBL are always developing offerings tailored to our customers, as well as developing offerings at the forefront of the technology innovations. This ensures SBL are continually covering the potential demand across the upcoming year. The latest innovations come from Robotic Automation Processing (RPA) and artificial intelligence.

The Innovation Team work closely with the Project Managers to ensure that these offerings can be commoditised and replicable for Buyers, whilst also tailored to each unique requirement within these brackets. They work collaboratively to develop Service Descriptions that are easy to understand for all Buyers for each service. This ensures that Buyers have a comprehensive understanding of a service and what is included before contacting.

Additionally, SBL partner with our core vendors and partners, chosen through thorough market research and a strict due diligence process. These vendors and partners work closely with SBL’s G-Cloud Team to ensure that they are suitably positioned within our offerings. This demonstrates the benefit that these close working relationships have for Buyers, ensuring that all cloud based requirements are covered in one place.

“Thanks to G-Cloud, there is now a route to market for innovative, smaller partners who previously would have found it difficult to get on the radar. SBL believe that outside of Central Government, there is more work to be done in order educate in the wider sectors – it’s our responsibility as suppliers on the framework to help those organisations understand the benefits of procurement in this way.” 

– Joel Berwitz, Digital Solutions Specialist.