SBL Launches Free Cyber Security Workshop

SBL Launches Free Cyber Security Workshop

According to a recent UK Gov Survey, almost half of businesses and a quarter of charities reported having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. Cyber Attacks are a persistent and growing threat to businesses and in a bid to stave off cybercrime organisations need to continually invest to keep ahead of the criminals, but with a bewildering range of tools and services on the market where should you focus, our Security Workshops can help.

Protect your world with our security cleared experts

The Cyber Security Workshop provides you with an independent assessment of your organisation’s ability to defend against cyber threats. One of our Cyber Security Experts will look to understand the current steps you are taking to prevent cybercrime and will walk you through current cyber security best practice, look to establish and validate the effectiveness of your cyber security processes. SBL’s team will also suggest possible improvements to your current strategy with the aim to help you reduce the risk of being a victim of a cyber-attack in the future.

Best Practice Insights

Insights will help you understand the current industry standards in cyber security.


Learn from our security experts and gain an understanding of the key aspects of cyber security.


Focus on what matters with advice on key areas to improve your security processes.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind from our security cleared exerts gives you the ability to overcome any cyber threat.

Helping your business defend against cyber attack

In our 2-3 hour workshop, SBL can help you develop a successful cyber security strategy. Using industry best practice and our real-world experience, we will quickly understand your organisations current strategy and provide you with a cyber security report highlighting the 9 key security areas. We will discuss the merits of your current processes and come up with suggestions as to how you can improve in the future.

Arrange your free 2-3 hour Cyber Security Workshop and help defend your business against cyber attack.