The Power Behind Digital Transformation

The Power Behind Digital Transformation

What is the power behind digital transformation? We hear about digital transformation in many aspects of our lives, we see it touching our lives in many forms, changes to how we shop, changes to how we interact, big companies struggling with their business models that have served them so well for so long. But what is really driving the change? People. 

We are the innovators, we are the thinkers and we are the ones creating the transformed world.   

And yet in creating that transformed world where technology is so intrinsic to not only our personal lives but our business lives, are we innovating for all? Are we ensuring that we are inclusive for all? Are we providing business technology solutions for all? The answer is not always. 

In the UK, there are over 13 million people with disabilities. Has this huge portion of our population been considered in your organisation’s digital transformation? Many organisations are now ensuring that this is considered in all decisions about technology, in fact this is becoming mandated by UK Government for Public Sector organisations. How can you ensure that your digital transformation is powered by all groups of employees? 

One of the most straightforward ways is to use Office 365 and Windows 10. There are a huge number of features native to these technologies that you may not be aware of. From colour blindness modes in Windows 10, mindfulness awareness and suggestions in Office 365 and an immersive reader in Microsoft Teams, there are features and settings that can empower your entire team. 

It will be clear from the tools mentioned here a cloud footprint or modern desktop is required. SBL have services from Digital Transformation workshops to cloud migrations to proactive cloud management. All are designed to empower your whole organisation and enable digital transformation so that your people can shine.

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