How SBL Develops Digital Solutions to Improve Remote Working

How SBL Develops Digital Solutions to Improve Remote Working

In these uncertain times, we are seeing our customers struggle with the amount of employee’s having to work from home due to COVID-19.

This is putting a massive strain on bandwidth of internal infrastructure, which is because most data-centres were never designed to support so many remote workers.

I have seen scenarios, where individuals new to home working who usually work normal business hours, are working shift patterns to relieve stress on systems. Other customers are asking their employees to work offline, and only connect to their data-centre to sync their emails, download any files, access data from on premise applications and then disconnect again. As well as the inconvenience of the latter, it can also lead to loss of data from an end point.

It is unknown what will happen when isolation ends. However, a lot of people within SBL and other organisations are predicting that to further enable flexible working and reduce business costs, homeworking may become more common.

Digital solutions are available to enable and improve the home user working experience, including:

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

This can significantly reduce IT administration tasks, as only the gold images need to be managed and secured at the data-centre, instead of on every endpoint.

Migrating to thin or zero client devices can further reduce admin overheads and improve endpoint security.


SBL can manage your entire endpoint infrastructure life-cycle, further reducing IT overheads.

SD-WAN Tools

Application bandwidth optimisation can be centrally managed to give a better user experience whilst keeping the network secure at the same time.

Modernising Applications

Moving applications and/or workloads to the cloud will reduce the reliance on on-premise infrastructure.