Free Working From Home Training for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

Free Working From Home Training for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams
Parent working from home at their desktop computer with a child screaming at them and another toddler on their lap.

If you’re anything like us at SBL, you and your colleagues will be in a situation like which looks something like this…

Can we help with 45 days free training? After which you can either continue or switch off. No pre-purchase required.

Office 365 Adoption

A huge number of organisations are turning to Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to enable their people to work from home and continue ‘normal working practices’.

We have created a 3 step Teams & Office 365 Home-working enablement programme to help keep your organisation going in these challenging times.

45 days FREE training from the world’s leading Microsoft Adoption platform

  • Expert led face2face (online) sessions
  • An experienced Adoption Consultant supporting the development of ‘skills paths’ for your users
  • Communications advice, helping to engage users
  • Management reporting, helping you understand users progress and completion of training

None of us know how long these new encouraged or enforced working measures will impact us so we are keen to support you to get up and running.

If this offer will help you to get moving please let us know and we’ll schedule a conversation with one of the Adoption Consultants where we can talk through how we might be able to assist you.

Remember this is a free service for 45 days to assist in the current working climate.

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