Bots in the NHS: a Covid-19 Case Study

Bots in the NHS: a Covid-19 Case Study

SBL is proud to support a project implementing intelligent automation, a bot built by robotic process automation (RPA) specialists Automation Anywhere, into Northampton General Hospital to support the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

The initiative, led by Tremaine Richard-Noel, Non-Executive Director at the hospital, automates the monitoring and reporting of the hospital’s crucial supply of compressed oxygen.

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The ongoing pandemic has led to a rapid rise in the number of patients with breathing difficulties that require oxygen support to retain oxygen saturation in the blood. Northampton General Hospital has two large oxygen tanks which supply ventilation machines, and patients are assigned to hospital wards to allow for the equal distribution of oxygen. The monitoring of the tanks is a manual process, requiring hospital staff to log into a system and physically collect each reading from the tanks.

In the face of additional pressure brought on by the pandemic, a new system was required to free up resources. Automation Anywhere developed and implemented a software bot to increase the speed and frequency of reporting as well as reduce the risk of error as information was reported.

Oxygen Bot automates the process, providing increased reporting speed and accuracy

The bot extracts the data and calculates flow rates to monitor oxygen levels 24 hours a day without human intervention. Automating the collection of this data mitigates clinical risk within the hospital by arming incident teams with the data required to ensure demand is properly shared across the two tanks.

Intelligent Automation in Healthcare

Intelligent automation in healthcare can perform time-consuming tasks normally undertaken by frontline healthcare staff. It can mechanize repetitive, manual processes, such as monitoring and reporting in a streamlined, structured and autonomous way to limit the occurrence of errors, improve operational efficiencies in a medical setting and enable more effective uses of hospital resources, all while providing improved workflow management.

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Praise for the Oxygen Bot

“Managing the supply and flow of oxygen has never been more important. Automating the collection and sharing of this data has given valuable hours back and increased confidence that we can offer the best level of patient care.”

Hugo Matias, CIO for Northampton General Hospital

“We are proud to have been able to create and implement something so quickly to support the hospital. We would like to thank the whole team involved in bringing together the knowledge and ideas to support this project.

We know that using automated systems and robotic technology helps to ease pressures. Now is the perfect time to be using technology to support us in making things easier for our staff. Not only will this free up their valuable time but we can now also look at exploring other way of using technology in healthcare”.

Spokeswoman for Northampton General Hospital

“As a key healthcare partner to Automation Anywhere and technology provider to Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, SBL are delighted to have played a part in the provision of this innovative and exciting solution into the NHS. We hope it helps to ease some of the workload and resource that is needed elsewhere at this difficult and challenging time.”

Rob Hennessy, Head of Defence, National Security and Healthcare, SBL


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