Digital transformation solutions

Unlocking the power to transform with technology

Technology should never restrict you; it should enable you to do more

Digital transformation is risky, but not transforming is even riskier.  Current processes and thinking may face disruption, but the opportunities waiting for those at the end offer a distinct advantage. SBL understands the unique challenges organisations face on their digital overhaul, which is why we are ideally placed to be your trusted partner. It’s time to join the future.

Trusted Solutions

We’ve built partnerships with many of world’s leading technology providers.

Achieving Together

We’ll work with you in a collaborative relationship to find the solutions.

Emerging Technologies

The world is constantly changing and we’ve got our finger on the pulse.



Keep your systems updated in remote or secure environments with trusted patches from SBL’s DOBUS™ system. Clean and authentic updates can be delivered via 3 secure options of your choosing.


Managed Services

We cover everything from remotely managing your servers, desktop and mobile devices to configuring and monitoring your SIEM technology, firewalls and other security systems.


SIEM Services

Maximise your IT services with SBL SECURE: SIEM, market-leading technology managed by our in-house, expertly skilled cyber security professionals.

Utilising the potential of emerging technologies

SBL makes it easy for you to harness emerging technologies as part of your IT transformation. We actively search for up-and-coming innovators with something new to offer in the digital space. These technologies are tested by our in-house experts before making their way to you.

  • Robotic process automation
  • Blockchain technologies
  • Artificial intelligence programmes


Want to transform with technology? We have the solutions for you.